Best GoPro Alternatives To Buy Best Budget Action Camera

When it comes to the lists of the action cameras, the first things that usually pop up into our mind is GoPro. But one thing is for sure, you may not know which model or GoPro product is the right pick available for you. Discussing more on GoPro Action cameras in brief, it is an American Technology company that manufactures action camera and also mobile applications are available to use which are developed by GoPro. Not only that, GoPro also develops video-editing software, Photo Editing software and free graphic design software. And these software’s are well-designed with easy to use tools and provides you high-quality video edit files.

Speaking of the action camera there are several companies that manufacture action. Comparing GoPro with other action cameras in the market, GoPro cost is pretty much higher in the market than the other cameas. So if you are in a tight budget and want to still purchase an action camera with all the similar features like GoPro and record full HD video, then there are lots of alternative action cameras in the market that you can go for. Here we have come up with the list of to 15 best alternatives of GoPro that you can purchase. This action camera works similarly as GoPro does from recording video and all other functions.

Sony DSCRx0

We have placed Sony DSCRx0 on the top list among the best Alternatives of GoPro 2018. It is perhaps designed to resist the damage from fall and is waterproof to protect it when exposed to or rain or immersed into water bodies. The miniature body of the action camera makes it look awesome and it is combined with a cutting-edge performance. Sony DSCRX0 allows you to use the creative shooting ideas and beautiful visions of photo shot. It uses the 9 inches of “stacked Exmor RS CMOS sensor” along with “DRAM chip”. And speaking of the lens of this camera, it is enabled with high resolution another camera to capture Full HD videos and distant photo at its best. The best thing about this camera is that it is crush proof and shock proof as well. Sony DSCRX0 has tons of built-in features like 4k shooting capability, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth along with impressive customization settings option. And the body weight of this item weighs only 336 g.

Garmin Virb Ultra 30

Looking for the alternatives of GoPro action cameras then pick Garmin Virb Ultra 30. Similar to GoPro this camera also uses same like features into it and is considered to be among the best one. Garmin Virb can resist water which makes it water proof and allows you to take e photo almost at any circumstances. Use your creativity to record video or capture photo of the best moments at Full HD and 4k resolution. By using the voice command sensors you can take control over the functions of your camera and makes its start or stop. And it also means that, there is completely advantage of taking a selfie without using selfie-stick. Edit the captured photos or videos the way you want and get it done in your ways. Even when you travel in the wet places the LCD display give you a clean view of the display and the highly sensitive microphone works even when expose to water. And the best thing about VIRB ultra 30 is that you have the access to perform live-stream of the video of the memorable adventures along with your family and friends.

TG Tracker Action Camera

TG Tracker Action camera is light in its weight. And that makes it very comfortable and easy to carry while travelling in any place. It has excellent specs with waterproof bodies that make this device totally flawless. And this camera is not only shockproof but also crushes proof at the same time which makes it complete venerable device. Also, TG Tracker is freeze proof that is this camera can resists cold of up to 14 degree Fahrenheit and dustproof as well. Capture the best and most exciting moments of your life using the F2.0 high-speed quality of the lens. And by using the front LED Headlight and the electronic image stabilizer capture the perfect shot in your action camera. Also, the camera is provided with action track sensors and features built-in Wi-Fi connection along with the 3-pong mount adapter. This camera features data log mode which activates the action sensors of the camera without video and then record the movement and data of the environment for the longer duration of time. It doesn’t matter what angle you faces to shoot video or capture photo the 1.5 inches of LCD monitor let you comfortable shot photos or record videos perfectly.

Tomtom Bandit

We believe that you would love to grab the first ever action camera that comes with a built-in media server. Tomtom bandit camera interestingly works just like the applications by allowing you to create and share the recorded videos within few seconds. Speaking of the features of this camera it comes with built-in camera motion technology along with the DPS sensors. With Tomtom Bandit you can record 4k resolution of videos and capture the photos with 16 Mega Pixels of Camera. It has a highly extended battery life which is long lasting and comes with the support of 64 microSD card. You can easily edit the recorded videos or the images that are captured by the action camera. Tomto bandit is waterproof and which means you take it even while swimming or boating. Since the camera will not get damaged even when it comes in contact with water.


VIRB XE is another best alternative of GoPro action camera. It has an incredible High Definition camera quality with 12 MP allowing you to capture the best shot of photos. And it allows you capture amazing shots of the photos with the built-in sensors of the camera. You simply don’t have to worry about your action camera getting damaged while waterboarding or rafting or sailing. Take the camera with you while cycling or riding a motor cycle and capture your favorite adventurous moments. Its waterproof features allow it to even use under the depth of water which is below 50 meters. Speaking of the features of VIRB XE they comes with Bluetooth connection, image stabilization and single-touch record switch. The battery life of this camera is not that long lasting that is it has a batter life of only 2 hours. By using the free software provided to VIBR Edit you can easily review or edit the footage and continuously switch the angles of the camera.

 YI 4k

YI 4k brings to you excellent technology that comes with intelligent video functions, along with the computer vision technologies. It is perhaps a world first ever action camera that has the ability to record 4k videos at the rate of 60fps. This action camera has in-built image sensors which captures 12 MP of photos. And the best thing about this action camera is that it provides you image stabilization at 4K. Capture high quality of image and record videos and this camera features lots more including live stream. YI 4K action camera has an intuitive user-interface design with ultra-response of 2.2 inches of Gorilla Glass. It has an easy settings option along with switch models and playback footage options. Speaking of the battery life it has a long lasting battery life with a holding power of 1200mAh. With the help of the USB-connect the user of the camera can transfer data files or by using the Bluetooth connection.


SJCAM SJ7 Star is an excellent 4K Action Camera that comes with Wi-Fi connectivity. It has a sleek body design and is no harm even when comes into contact with water. And that also means that, you can capture image and video deep under the water of 30 meter. This camera is powered by an Ambarella A12 chipset & Sony IMX117 sensor. It can be easily fit on your bike or motorbike or helmet while riding you can record videos of your favorite moments. When it comes to the battery power of this device it has rechargeable limit of 1000mAh in the Li-ion battery and it last over 120 minutes of video recording. Speaking of the specifications of this camera it provides you 12 Mega Pixel of camera. The screen size of the camera is 2 inches of LCD display with touchscreen functions. By using the USB cable connection you can transfer files from your camera memory card to your computer. Speaking of the storage capacity of the camera it has a maximum storage of 128 GB. The body of the camera is made up of metal and it weighs only 74 g and supports MP4 video format. When it comes to modes of the camera it features capture mode or burst mode or video lapse and lots more.

Kodak PixPro WP1 Shock

Kodak PixPro WP1 Shock is an action camera that comes with 16 megapixel of sensor and is resistant to water. It is the best choice for you to get wet in a place like natural pool or artificial swimming pool or in any other places. Capture images with 2x digital zoom features and this device is resistant to shock or dust. Record videos at you best at 720 high definition picture quality and don’t ever miss any single beautiful moments of your life. It has a built-in camera which captures high quality of images and it also includes built-in mic for recording sound. This camera is available to purchase in an affordable price compared to any other from the list. It is completely no harm to take the camera even under the depth of 16 inches and take photo shots.

YI Action Camera

YI Action Camera is people favorite and it has over 3.4 million of happy users form the world. There is a mobile application available for YI Action Camera. This camera is made with Amarelle A7LS chipset which has an excellent digital signal processing. Speaking of the features it has tons of it some of them are Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity. Download the app on your smartphone set it up and turns on the camera. Create a connection and start to share videos with your friends and family. By using the snapshot mode you can capture VGA quality of video for like 10 seconds and then share it into social media. The best thing about this camera is you can remove the battery even when it gets damaged. Grab the YI Action Camera to take best quality of pictures and HD video quality. This action camera is powered by 990 mAH of Lithium battery that has a batter life of over 3 hours.

Lightdow LD 4000

Looking for a best sports action camera? If it is then pick Lightdow LD4000 which is the best choice for you. This camera has tons of features which includes Anti-shock and lots more. It uses the NOVATEK original chip which provides the camera better vision and excellent quality of photos. Capture images with its 12 mega pixel at high quality and at the speed rate of 30 fps. Not only that, the camera of Lightdow LD 4000 supports 1080p & 720p video recording just like any other action camera. To capture image you can use the zoom range of up to 4 X. The screen size of the camera is 1.5 inches and it has a wide angle of degree motion detector which turns at 170 degree. The camera is powered by 900mAh of rechargeable lithium-ion battery. And by using the USB cable you can transfer data files from your internal storage to your computer or laptop.


AKASO EK7000 is filled up with tons of features and is among the best action camera. It is designed with simple user-interface and functions making it very easy to operate and handle. Even when immersed to water you don’t have to worry at the time of swimming or swimming. As you can record videos With this camera even at the depth of water of 30 meters with AKASO EK7000. In this camera you can capture stunning moments of your life at high resolution with the rate of 4K. And it will provide you smooth video recording and excellent quality without missing even single special moments of your life. Speaking of the built-in features of this camera it is enabled with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection. n And by using the remote control option you can take the control of the camera and select the mode as you wish. Either you can use the photo-shoot mode or choose to record videos and capture at any angle you want. And the best thing is its accessories which include chargers and 2 batteries, and the battery is powered with 1050mAh batteries.


There is absolutely no doubt that GoPro are among the best action cameras that comes with rich features. But in many ways, if you don’t wish to buy GoPro camera then you can go for other another options. Each of these above mentioned alternatives of GoPro action camera share similarities in its features. And talking about the prices they are way cheaper than GoPro action cameras. These cameras are waterproof, shockproof, dustproof and offer tons of exciting features. Now you get the similar devices to GoPro in a cheap price along with the features that you seek in action camera. So, what are you waiting for, pick any of the action cameras that are listed above and purchase it today online? We strongly recommend you to buy Sony DSRX0 which is placed on the top of the lists of GoPro cameras that is similar to it.

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